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Rodgers' Taekwondo Academy

Premier Martial Arts 

Scott Rodgers, Owner/8th Degree Black Belt

What happens after a few weeks of martial arts classes?  Our parents provide the best testimony --

…Family environment! Great family environment with very encouraging and knowledgeable Instructors who go out of their way to help lower ranked members and make them all feel welcome and a part of the team.

…increase confidence!  Our little girl has been coming to this amazing academy for FOUR years, in August. My husband and I can NOT say enough INCREDIBLE things about Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Rogers and their entire team! They are absolutely superb with the kids, loving, encouraging and tough when needed. This is a INCREDIBLE place for any child, for so many reasons! We absolutely love it and we are thankful to God for this place and the entire team!

…Better physical condition. Kids need to stay active and what better way than an exciting 30-40 minute martial arts class in the afternoon?

…Setting goals. Goal setting is a very important life skill at all ages. We teach at Rodgers’ Taekwondo to set goals.  Sometimes we reach the goals as planned and sometimes more mat time is needed.  Our instructors are here to help students celebrate their success and to recover when the goal wasn’t achieved the first time. 

Jr Class

Ages 6-13

Class times vary

The Juniors Program is designed for elementary school kids ages 6 to 13 years old. Students will learn kicks, strikes, and other self-defense techniques. Our program instills self-confidence, personal responsibility, and discipline.  During our fun and exciting classes, we talk about serious topics like anti-bullying and stranger awareness.  We strive to help our students become confident, responsible leaders on and off the mat.

Little Ninja Class

Ages 4-6

Mon @ 4:15 pm

Weds @ 4:15 pm

Sat @ 9:00 am

Our Little Ninjas program is designed to meet the needs of preschool students ages 4, 5 and  6 year olds. Students will strengthen skills like self-discipline, mental readiness, large motor skills, social skills, and coordination in a fun martial arts experience.  Our classes are designed to teach the younger student how to learn, pay attention, respect their teacher and class mates as well as build confidence. 


Adult Class

Ages 14 and up

Monday - Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Sat @ 10:40 am

Rodgers’ TaeKwonDo adult classes are fun, exciting and designed especially for adult students. Everyone, regardless of size, shape or physical condition can benefit from our TaeKwonDo training. The instructors and you yourself will put high demands upon your physical and emotional faculties to develop a better person, a genuine artist, and a person capable of self-defense. Our class structure will provide the right mix of physical and mental training to build the confidence needed to defend yourself in a difficult situation. In addition to learning a highly effective means of self-defense, you will also improve your physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.

READY OR HAVE Questions? Call (615)302-3304

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